Often asked questions (FAQ´s)

Is Polystyrene poisonous?
No, it is, like concrete, biological neutral. It causes no harm or burden for the environment whatsoever. Even if eaten, the human would excrete the Polystyrene unchanged back out.
How can I hang shelves or kitchen cupboards on the wall?
Simply take a wooden lath and cut the Polystyrene out in the same size with a carpet knife. This is then screwed directly onto the concrete with the help of special dowels. Now you could hang a car onto the wall if you wanted to, or your kitchen cupboards!
How can I hang a picture onto the wall?
Hammer a nail into the wall and it´s ready to hang a picture. By heavier pictures etc. we do recommend to use a dowel!
Can I build a swimming pool with Isorast?
Of course, there isn't a better thermal insulation than Isorast and you can also build your swimming pool yourself!
Must I keep to certain rules regarding the layout?
No, we build how you wish it to be, it doesn´t matter if it's a garage or 2000m² large trade hall, anything is possible!
What about DIY (do it yourself)?
Of course, this is the greatest advantage with isorast. You can manage to save easily over 100 000,-DM, due to DIY (muscle mortgage). DIY is your own capital investment.
Are there Isorast objects, buildings or homes that I could view?
There are hundreds, just send me a mail with your name address and telephone number, and Ill give you a call and we can go on a sightseeingtour...
How are the electric cables and waterpipes installed?
The sewage pipes are laid into the wall cavities onto the steel anchorage before the walls are filled with concrete. The supply cables and pipes I recommend to lay under the floor. Any connections needed in the room are just cut in through the wall. When all installations are made the walls are simply filled with concrete.
Can I plaster directly onto the walls?
On the interior you can use whatever plaster you wish directly onto the Isorast walls. I do sometimes recommend for the exterior the usage of plaster underground matting. Just ask for advice.
What about wall tiles?
This is very easy, adhesive on the wall and tiles can be stuck straight onto the walls.
Do I become sponsor money for building with isorast?
This is obtainable for building a "passive house", however I'm not responsible for this but the Land or county and there are always changes being made, Please inform yourself at the county council department and ask for the actual sponsorship or claim programmes.
Is there a reinforcement used in the steps in stairways?
Yes, this is used for a much better connection to the supporting walls.
Is each storey concreted bit for bit, or all at once?
You can fill the wall cavities with concrete after each storey is finished all in one go.
What do I do when I hit the concrete in the middle when I'm drilling?
Just repair any damage done with plaster etc.
Do I become the special scaffolding for isorast lent to me, or do I have to purchase them together with the isorast elements?
Mr. Hellmann lends you gladly, enough scaffolding to build your house which is then just returned when you're finished.
Is the isorast saw also for the time needed lent to me?
No, this is consumer item and will be given to you, by Mr. Hellmann at no extra charge when the contracts are signed...
Have you any questions that have not been answered here?
Then please send me an e-mail!
I can then answer your question and add it to the above list.
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